You seem to have taken the road less travelled? Well, no matter how you made your way here, welcome! We are Bright Idea Co. If you're looking for a list of services, check here.

    We're a conglomerate of industry experts, each committed to your success—we abolish antiquated methods and implement neoteric techniques that drive the core of your project—we specialise in producing innovative solutions to your unique obstacles; we are your greatest advocates.

    What really helps us stand out amongst the crowd is not only our exemplary dedication to you, but also our sincere commitment to your community. Whether that means your consumers, customers, clients, alliances, partnerships, or so forth is unique to you, but that they're the blood, sweat, and soul of most everything related to your bottom line is universally indisputable. They are the essential key to truly rewarding success, and we know how to nurture those relationships as though they're our own.

    With the myriad of different methodologies and strategies available in today's ever-evolving digital industries, it can often be inundating to try and narrow down a systematic catalog of prospective solutions, muchless find the ones that are likely to work best. The individuals who make up our team have collected multifarious skills throughout life's journey which give us the ability to analyse your specific requirements and come up with an ideal benchmark based on data interpretation, sophisticated expertise, and your aspirations. We then provide ongoing support and work with you to facilitate other objectives and ensure that we're consistently meeting—or exceeding, as we prefer—your needs.

    Learn more about what, specifically, we can do for you here... You know, if you didn't click it last time, but wanted to this time!

    Additionally, we implement our own initiatives and found alternative ventures, sometimes with partners or clients like you! You can find out more about our subsidiaries here.

    When all is said and done, we're really just a bunch of problem solving, over-imaginative geeks and nerds that eventually came to an inevitable conclusion: Although we are great separately, together we can be the best.

Founding Partners and

Founding Partners

Founding Partner in-charge of Developmental Science and Information Technology.
- Corey is an accomplished technical project manager with a bottom-line attitude and proven track record of exceeding client expectations. His ability to communicate effectively and align enterprise objectives with technological solutions makes him a very valuable asset to any market professional seeking a competitive advantage.

Founding Partner in-charge of Growth, Branding, and Business Administration.
- Kevin possesses a tremendously diverse résumé filled with rewarding life and career experiences, but his passion lies in community management and consumer/customer satisfaction. Having built an abundant network of valuable contacts, he utilises his connections, wisdom, and know-how in a manner unlike others in his field of expertise to refine processes and improve earnings.

Founding Partner in-charge of Communications, Compliance, and Finances.
- Shanda is an industry leader in client satisfaction with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. With more than fifteen years' experience assisting entities of all shapes and sizes establish and execute strategies to amplify their brands and businesses, her keen eye and adoration of all things distinctive and aesthetically pleasing is undeniably advantageous. A prime advocate for extensive research and proper execution.

Founding Associates

Founding Associate in-charge of Creative Vision.
- Casey is a true professional with an expert eye for detail and an artistic vision that's sure to capture the essence of any project. In addition to her 15+ years in the digital art industry, she also brings with her a slew of other talents including CSR, purchasing, distribution, and clerical experience from industry giants such as Amazon, Acme, Allen, and Chewy.

Founding Associate in-charge of Legal Affairs.
- Shanel is a registered member of the Ontario Bar Association. She studied Common Law, with a special interest in Business Law, at the University of Ottawa before settling in to the racy world of divorce law. With her keen and diverse sense of legal affairs, Shanel is a top-notch candidate to ensure prosperity.

Founding Associate in-charge of Legal Documentation and Research
- Tiiu is a registered law clerk in the province of Ontario, Canada, who is currently pursuing further career advancement as a paralegal. She has attained a wide array of skills that provide her with a unique perspective of the industry, such as her Alternate Dispute Resolution Certification in Mediation, which greatly benefit our team and, in turn, our commitment to you.

Founding Associate in-charge of Administrative and Human Resources
- Clover understands the critical importance of proper human resource management. With a wealth of experience and longstanding history in gaming - specifically the MMO-genre - she has acquired an unmatched, tailored, and thorough 'eyes-on-the-ground' perspective in regards to initiatives and conflict resolution alike.

Founding Associate; Station Director
- Karli is a graduate of Broadcast Radio and Executive Office Administration from Conestoga College with an aptitude for growing broadcasting stations and coordinating office success. She has worked in a plethora of industries; her vast and varied perspectives give her a great advantage on the front lines of Radio, Retail, Finance, and more.

Founding Associate; Program Director
- Nate is the personification of gamer-gone-jockey. More commonly known by his stage name, Overture, he has continuously displayed a deep passion and incisive ear for music. His experience, enthusiasm, and consistent energy ensure that our remarkably high expectations are perpetually met.


Below you'll find a list that includes a variety—but not necessarily all—of the services that we currently provide. If you're looking for a service that you don't see listed you should contact us. If we don't provide the desired service directly we can often refer you to someone more readily able to do so!

  • Community Management
    • Fan/website Organization and Management.
    • E-commerce Community / Consumer Management.
    • Customer Care Management.
    • Video Game Community Management. (MMO's, ARPG's, etc.)
  • Consultation
    • The 'Consumer Care' Way.
    • Video game Community Management.
    • Social Media Management / Engagement.
    • Productivity Software; Make it work for you.
    • E-commerce / Retail.
  • Career Guidance
    • Career Advancement Advice
    • Résumé / Application Advice / Reorganization
  • Design
    • Web Design / Development
    • Character Design
    • Animation Design
    • GIF Design
    • UI/UX Design
    • Graphic Design (Iconography, etc.)
    • Marketing / Business Material Design
  • Marketing
    • Specializing in small to medium sized digital marketing campaigns with an emphasis in brand monetization.
    • Analyze market trends for your intended industry.
    • Consult on the viability of products / services in a specific industry.
    • Ensure you have the tools necessary to create and maintain relationships and satisfy your consumers.
  • Adopting Productivity Software
    • Adapting current work flow with the productivity software of your choice.
    • Implementing or developing templates catering to your industry.
  • Copy writing and/or editing
    • Inquire for specific needs.
  • Facebook / Social Media Analytics Analysis
    • Analytical Analysis and Engagement/Management Suggestions.
  • Talent Representation
    • Independant Management and agency. Representing you and your work.
    • Oversee the day-to-day business affairs of an artist.
    • Advise and counsel talent concerning professional matters.
    • Long-term plans, personal career affecting decisions.
    • Traditional or digital artists, entertainers, motivational speakers, and more.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Advise on quality assurance team management.
    • Product / service testing.
    • Encourage "fit for purpose" and "right the first time" principles.
    • Software? Hardware? Inquire with specifics.
  • Need Fulfillment
Another unlisted service you need fulfilled? Inquire and perhaps we can help!




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Name Description Price
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Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
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Name Description Price
Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
Item Five Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99


  • Disabled
  • Disabled



We appreciate any and all help along the way toward our goals, this is an area where you'll see special thanks to those who deserve it!

Special thanks to: Cheryl for background photography.

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We appreciate any and all help along the way toward our goals, this is an area where you'll see special thanks to those who deserve it!

Special thanks to: Cheryl for background photography.

Privacy Policy

We appreciate any and all help along the way toward our goals, this is an area where you'll see special thanks to those who deserve it!

Special thanks to: Cheryl for background photography.

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